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In our platforms we focus on our well-being, we want you to be able to easily be aware of your stress status and your sleep quality. 
In order to give you the most appropriate and consistent result, we collect information from various sources and we aggregate them in final indicators accordingly to the observations from our study


We collect health-related and environment-related data. Below you can find a list of all the measurements we collect and the results we get out. 

  • Health-related measurements :
    • Quality of Sleep
    • Stress
    • Life habits
  • Environment-related measurements :
    • Weather
    • Traffic
    • Air Pollution.


Health related indicators

1. Quality of Sleep 

These data are collected from a non-invasive connected device. 



  • Sleep Efficiency Index : Ratio spent sleeping on the potential maximum sleep time
  • Delta Deep Sleep Efficiency Index :  Percentage of deep sleep relative to sleep time
  • Sleep Onset Latency Index : Delay between ‘lights out’ or bedtime and the onset of sleep
  • Apnea Index Number : Number of hours with apneic episodes during the night 
  • Respiratory Sleep Index Number : Number of hours with episodes of respiratory troubles during the night


2. Stress 





These data are collected from subjective questionnaires.


  • Decision Latitude : Autonomy and control over the job
  • Psychological Demand : Psychological workloads and effort demanded by the job
  • Social Support : Success of interpersonal relationship within the working place, team integration
  • Work Acknowledgement : Work related rewards and appreciation


  • Affective : you feel tensed; rushed by the time; isolated or unapreciated; anxious
  • Cognitive : you rehash the same ideas; feel confused or lack of concentration; feel a lot weight on your shoulders
  • Behavioral : you forgot appointments or things to do; you have difficulty controlling your reactions or emotions; it is difficult to fall asleep
  • Somatic : you have physical aches or pains; you have clenched jaw or sudden changes in temperature

Work felt stress : Subjectively, how much work is stressing you.

Physiological :

These data are collected from non-invasive connected devices. 


  • Autonomic Nervous System Imbalance (ANSI) : measures the imbalance between Sympathetic (SNS) and Parasympathetic (PNS) branches of the Nervous System
  • Hearth Rate Variability (HRV) : measures the RR intervals variability ie. the variation in heartbeats (beat-to-beat) interval
  • Ratio ANSI / (HRV/Ideal HRV) : as the HRV decreases proportionally with the age, and the two previous components are closely correlated, this ratio allows to standardize the  results on a uniform scale


  • SDPP Median : Standard Deviation of Pulse Pressure measure the variability of the difference between the systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • Daily Acute stress : a person is considered instantly stressed if the SDPP is higher than a certain threshold. The daily acute stress is defined as the percentage of "stressed time" comparing to the daily total measure time


Environment related indicators

1. Weather 

These data are collected from web scraping source on météo france web site. 



  • Daily sunshine (%) : Percentage of actual sun time relative to daily time
  • Daily precipitation (mm/j) :  Amount of rain falling during the day, express in mm
  • Min temperatures (°C) : Minimal temperature of the day
  • Max temperatures (°C) : Maximal temperature of the day


2. Traffic

These data are collected from BingMaps and GoogleAPI.



  • Usual time (min) : Estimated time for your home-work route without traffic
  • Traffic time (min) :  Actual time for your home-work route
  • Wasted time (%) : Ratio of the difference between your usual and actual route time, relative to your traffic-free estimated time. 


3. Air pollution

These data are collected from web scraping source on openweathermap web site.



  • PM2.5 (ppm) : Fine particle matter 2.5µm concentration
  • PM10 (ppm) :  Fine particle matter 10µm concentration
  • NO2 (ppm) : Nitrogen dioxide concentration 
  • O3 (ppm) : Ozone concentration

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