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SOLADIS, médaille d'argent ECOVADIS pour ses démarches RSE

Afin de répondre à l’intérêt grandissant de ses clients pour les questions de RSE (Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises) Soladis a été évalué par ECOVADIS, fournisseurs de notation de la durabilité des entreprises, sur ses performances environnementales, sociales et éthiques. Respect de l’environnement, démarches sociales et droits de l’homme, éthique, et achats responsable sont autant de critères clés démontrant de l’engagement RSE des entreprises, et des marqueurs de succès pour les smart business traduisant la transparence de leurs activités au quotidien.

L’évaluation obtenue début 2021 permet à Soladis de recevoir une médaille d’argent EcoVadis.

Ce résultat permet à SOLADIS de figurer dans le top 25 % des entreprises évaluées par EcoVadis, et également d’identifier les points d’amélioration à investiguer pour viser la médaille d’Or l’année prochaine !


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Your Nightly Rest Quality

Posted on 30 January, 2020 by Diana Ferranti

Hello everyone !

A good night sleep is essential for our health, to be fit and efficient every day. It is true: our grannies have told us enough! Ok yes, but how to measure the quality of our nightly rest ? By definition, it is a qualitative thing! How do we interpret the results?

Thanks to Evimeria®, we are capable to quantify something that was previously, by definition, qualitative. Ok but… How? How was last night better than before?

Here we spoke about the indicators calculated from your ECG recordings at night: the effectiveness of overall and deep sleep; sleep latency; apnoea and respiratory disturbance events.

Each of these provides an important information of how you sleep and how you recover and are all-essential to our understanding of your sleep. However, do they really speak to you?

To simplify the reading of your results on the quality of your night, we are building a new indicator grouping the results of the previous five: The “Night Quality” indicator.

Similar to the « Stress Weather » presented here, your night quality will look like this:

And tomorrow? We will be able to offer typical sleep profiles and suggestions on how to improve your sleep phase; correlate your sleep hygiene with your stress level as well as many other things!!

See you on February 12 for more details on stress values and scales.

In the meantime, Go Evimeria & Stay tuned!!!

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