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Soladis is a study and statistical consulting company founded in 2000. Its business activities are divided into three major areas: Health, Industry and Research, Service and Marketing for a variety of customers, from SMEs to big multinational companies. We have a particular focus on "Life Science"​ (i.e. Pharma, Medical Device, Biotech, cosmetics etc.), an area Soladis is committed to since its inception.


To support our partners and clients, we act, on the one hand as an outside counsel, and on the other hand as a training center providing statistical trainings to sensitive your employees with regard to data management. Our services include services from the industry sector, clinical and preclinical tasks, as well as services from the marketing and IoT sector.


To propose a transverse support to the data problematics met by its clients, Soladis created 6 business units with dedicated expertise: Soladis STATISTICS, -OMICS, CLINICAL STUDIES, CONNECT, DIGITAL and INSTITUTE.


Soladis supports its client by providing the competences of 80 high-level collaborators (mid of 2019) sharing complementary expertise around data, spread in France and abroad (Lyon, Paris, Roubaix, Sophia-Antipolis, Basel, Toronto and Boston), to bring a methodological and practical support fitting client needs and universe.

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Specializing in the management of data-related projects, we have been working with major groups and small businesses both in France and internationally since 2000.

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To refine our service offering, our company is structured as a number of business units with complementary areas of expertise so that we can cover the whole data value chain. From identifying your needs to providing sector-specific deliverables and conclusions, learn more about the Soladis approach! http://www.soladis.com/

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